Inspirational Songs
by StarlitStatements
Within creative writing there is a great controversy; should I listen to music as I write? Some authors say no, that in order for all of your ideas to be truly yours, you should write in complete silence, with nothing but yourself, a pen, and paper. I strongly disagree. When you write, you are taking the feelings and emotions that you witness everyday, and are turning them into a detailed work of art. But sometimes, the feelings you want to create are almost impossible, because you've never experienced them. How can you write about a horrible break up without having a boyfriend? The answer, of course, is to listen to a Taylor Swift song.

Listening to a song gives you a glimpse into an emotion from another’s point of view. You see thing the way they saw it, feel the way the felt, and dream their dreams. For those couple minutes, their memory is yours. So when you want to write that one heart wrenching scene that leaves your readers in tears, a depressing song is necessary to, as they say, get in the mood.

Here is a neat list of inspirational songs to listen to when trying to create specific emotions:

·        Say Something- A Great Big World (Feat. Christina Aguilera)
·        Battlefield- Lea Michelle
·        I Almost Do- Taylor Swift (though really, most of her songs are sad)
·        Impossible- James Arthur
·        Kiss it all Better- He is We
·        The Last Time- Taylor Swift (Feat. Gary Lightbody)
·        Skinny Love- Birdy
·        Not About Angels- Birdy
·        Long Way Down- Tom Odell
·        All I want- Kodaline
·        Wait- M83
(The last four are all from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack ;)

Happy/disgustingly fluffy
·        Let Me In- Grouplove
·        Anything- Hedley
·        Best Day of My Life- American Authors
·        Counting Stars- One Republic
·        Demons- Imagine Dragons
·        Forever and Ever- He is We
·        All About Us- He is We
·        Halo- BeyoncĂ©

Love scenes/ SHIP
·        All of the Stars- Ed Sheeran
·        Angel With a Shotgun- The Cab
·        Begin Again- Taylor Swift
·        Daylight- Maroon 5
·        Demons- Imagine Dragons
·        Gone, Gone, Gone- Phillip Phillips
·        I Need Your Love- Calvin Harris (Feat. Ellie Goulding)
·        The Monster- Eminem (Feat. Rihanna)
·        Not About Angels- Birdy
·        Waiting for Superman- Daughtry
·        Sing- Ed Sheeran

Hope this helps!

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